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5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. For me, a perfect hair style look is a perfectly sitting bob. I am still growing my hair to get it (at the moment I have a really short bob) and trying my best while blowing my hair.

2. To wear simple clothes but where you feel confident when you wear it that’s the styling advice I would give to my younger self! Just do what you wanna do with your hair and be creative aha!

3. Honestly there are no fashion rules that I don’t break I wear whatever makes me feel good no matter what the “rules” imply. But if I had to choose a rule that I will never break, I think it would be the rule that you should never wear bright colored underwear with white clothing.

4. Some travels fashion and food tips i am so comfortable for this. I love travel and discover some beautiful places.

5. I have never been one to focus much on the rules of fashion. I believe how we dress expresses who we are, and as such fashion becomes an expression and representation of who we are. If I were to observe a fashion rule however, it would be choosing outfits that flatters your body shape.

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