Simple Casual Wear Ideas For Men To Try In This Year

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. It’s relatable with our daily activities and easy to wear, but still cool too! . Be brave to wear colorful outfit, YOLO man!

2. It has to be elegant, modern and expensive.Not wanting to attract attention with extravagant clothes.

3. A perfect Fashion look for me is when one is not scared to go against the odd and try something new. Fashion is a form of art. Hence, fashion is also a form of expression. Fashion is about trying out something new and be creative.

4. Casual Wear is what I feel most comfortable in. Growing up in LA, it’s what makes me feel at home. It’s everyday, it’s accessible, it’s real.Explore, try, mold and fit the things you see and experience into your own personal style!

5. Wear what ever you want as long you like it and not only because everyone does. The way you can express yourself and show what you like.

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