Cute Nail Designs You Need To Copy Immediately

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Nail art


1. Nail art is a way to express creativity. Every time a client comes in to my salon I see their nails as a blank canvas. I love the colours, designs, jewels, everything about nail art!

2. The perfect Nail art look.. Well that can vary. But a good color combination from the color wheel is always nice.

3. The fact you have such a restricted area to work on, as well as an unforgiving medium to work with. It’s challenging but oh so much fun. The reward is always the client’s response at the end of the set!Ultimately it’s clean line work, effective use of colour and boundless creativity. In terms of inspiration it’s everywhere it would be very hard to narrow it down.

4. Be yourself and do not be afraid of being different from others.I respect a lot of nail artists and it would not be fair to mention just a couple. Perfect nail art, in my opinion, must be perfectly balanced, where the master will show more of his skills, not just one.

5. The infinite possibilities of creations. It’s fabulous to see everything you can do with different materials and materials.Do not hesitate to embark on the great adventure of Nail Art if that makes them want, it’s a fascinating adventure!

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