Fall Street Style Outfit to Inspire

Coloranta Carmen Parejo

1.Describe the story behind this picture?
It was an outfit to go out to dinner with my boy, we celebrated that he had raised the salary in his work.
2. How did you dressed up for this moment?
I love the look, because it’s totally my style. It is casual, comfortable, casual and at the same time very feminine.
3. Tips on how our readers can achieve a similar look.
You can get a similar look with heels and over-sized jersey of 2 or 3 sizes too large to be like a dress.

4. What do you like about Hairstyle?
I love changing the style and feel like there is a different style for each occasion. Hair is something that characterizes us, but it does not limit us. On the contrary, it gives us more post-civilities.
5. Who is your style icon for Hairstyle?
I have many references to bloggers, YouTubers, celebrities and others not so famous. Although most are very different from each other. My favorite Jennifer Lawrence.
6. Describe your Hairstyle in one sentence?
Natural and wild.

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