Fashion Trends: The 5+ Best Spring Outfits


5 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. Todays fast moving Fashion world is so different in every country ,I like to explore and combine with my outfits, we can express ourselves with styles from any period just how we like. personality and expression play a large part in making an outfit it’s not all about the clothes .

2. Create your own style, there are not perfect rules on clothing. Repetitive look is boring.

3. A perfect look has to have a good trim, an appropriate place for the chosen look, tone on shades and I get very inspired in the Kardashians.

4. I absolutely love vintage pieces and vintage looks overall. I also love super modern and tailored looks. Mixing the two is always super fun!

5. What interests me in fashion are the colors and patterns. I like making bold statements in bright colors or colors some people wouldn’t dream of wearing.

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