Genius Fall Outfit Ideas for Every Day of the Month

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Fashion is a fascinating world where there is a lot for everyone. It gives the freedom to experiment and the liberty to pick your own style. I love how fashion can transform someone’s entire personality by ramping up one’s confidence and the power it has of leaving an ever lasting impression on people you meet.

2. Fashion rule for me is never wearing something that doesn’t represent my personality, just because it’s a it piece.For me a perfect fashion look is something unexpected yet never excessive, something that makes you regret you never tried it before!

3. The creative component definitely. I really approach it as one would tackle any medium like painting or photography or metal work.There is no such thing as a perfect look because it all depends on the person wearing it and how comfortable they feel sporting it. If it oozes confidence then that in turn becomes style – it can be anything.

4. Fashion rules!! It’s not in my nature to stick the confines of such a societal superstitions. Fashion to me is about freedom and being able to do what you want and whatever makes you feel good. I proudly wear white year round and clashing patterns and textures is kinda my thing.

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