Goregeous Makeup look Created by – Britt Bot

Britt Bot

1.Describe the story behind this picture?
My St. Paddy’s Day look for this year.
2. How did you dressed up for this moment?
I just grabbed a cute outfit and then decided to do a rainbow and gold look, since I have green hair. I didn’t want to go completely green.
3. Tips on how our readers can achieve a similar look.
Blend! Be sure to blend each color into the next so it looks smooth.

4. What is One makeup rule you never break
I don’t really follow many of the makeup rules out there. If I want to try something I will do it however I think will work best for the look I am wanting to achieve. That is one of the things I love about makeup… the ability to be as creative as you want to be and usually you achieve the best looks by breaking the rules.
5. What are your favorite brands you like to shop from?
My fav brands right now are BHCosmetics, Morphe, NYX, Juvia’s Place, Colourpop and Makeup Geek. I like the more affordable brands because the prices are amazing, the quality never fails and customer service with them tends to be a little better in my opinion.
6. Describe your style of makeup and techniques you use?
My makeup style is mine. I don’t want to be just another artist out there that is doing what everyone else is doing, so I love to play with colors and see what I can and can’t put together. I also love to try hacks that are out there and see if they actually work for me. So far almost all of them have not worked for me. I do use tape to create the straight line for my eyeshadow and I do make sure to start with a clean face. I used to do my foundation before I did everything else, but not now. I def see why it is better to wait until after you do your eyes to do your foundation. You don’t grease it up with your hand and you can clean up any fallout from your shadows and eyeliner.

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