Gorgeous Winter Hairstyles for Women To Try

5 Instagrammers Who Knows About Hairstyle


1. Personally for me the most beautiful hair style is natural, without any chemicals, as our parents created. But of course there are a lot of cute hair styles like braids, buns and others. I really want to try to tie all the hair into small small braids.

2. There is no “perfect” hairstyle for me but dare to try out new things with your hair. I get my inspiration from the social media. There is no specific person that I look up to. I have my hair natural now, it was a big step for me to cut it. I have had my hair short in the past but then I was always straightening it. Now I get to know my natural hair better and better and I now know how to take care of it and I love it!

3. Natural hair. My one tip would be to always do your own thing. Eff what everyone else tells you.

4. Always believe in your self and remember to give it your best.

5. I love the natural hair trend. It’s healthier and really beautiful. And when you want to switch it up a wig or extensions is my go to.But a perfect hairstyle is one that actually lasts.

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