Guide to Men’s Cocktail Dress Code

5 Instagrammers Who Know sAbout Casual Style


1. The creativity. The ability to think out of the box and produce a whole new piece.Have confidence in what you do and stand by that.

2. Create your own style, Don’t wait for celebs to validate your worth.Don’t let people change you.

3. Be yourself, because just being different gets old fast. Alot of things interest me in fashion but being able to truly express myself through the clothes I wear, definitely tops the list. I grew up being labeled by other peoples perceptions, so being able to make a statement about who I am through what I wear is what interest me in fashion.

4. Fashion Simplicity is uniqueness on it’s own.Never fear to express yourself through your fashion style.

5. Always wear what makes you feel comftable and describes your personality in the best way possible.a perfect fashion look to me is the one that is unique yet simple with a touch of accessories.

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