How to Wear Summer Outfits: Here Are The New Ideas

5 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. I love the diversity. There are many looks inspired by other countries and cultures, it is beautiful to witness.

2. The use of imagination. Fashion for me it is like every other art, it has to be original. I don’t care too much about trends, I care more about the way you wear it, sometimes a small detail can change everything.So I like to let my imagination flow without limits. I am more interested in how a person can change the look of the clothes through her energy.

3. I LOVE the endless possibilities in creative expression in every aspect (makeup, hair, clothing, shoes, Lingerie,jewelry, photography, etc.). Fashion is about personality in its purest art form.

4. People. They allow us to see the possibilities and how the same elements can become unique.

5. For me a fashion look is depending on the occasion. The dresses with back to the air, not very ornate jewelry, a good hairstyle and high heels, is perfect for a party, accompanied by a good makeup highlighting the look. But more casual I like sportswear.

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