Makeup Tips For Beginners

5 Instagrammers Who Knows About Makeup


1. Mascara ,bronze Never go brunette again . Lips : no lip linear . Either red lipstick or nude.

2. I’m not a makeup expert. I always prefer that professionals make up me for important events. In my daily I use to wear a bb cream and red lips, that’s enough! I think the most important thing is to be yourself. Experiment with your own style and be faithful.

3. My interest in make up is that you can totally make a cute outfit popping. The different colors and the contours you can do with your face, gives you another confidence when wearing your outfits.

4. I love the connection that I make with the people that sit in my makeup chair. That’s my chance to relate and understand different perspectives. I also love enhancing the naturally beautiful features each person has. I try not to change them too much. Makeup is just as great for playing up the best parts of a face, as it is for hiding what people don’t like about themselves. Better, in my opinion.

5. How makeup have no boundaries and all about creativity. No makeup makeup look, looking best without having to look like someone else.

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