Meet The Hairstyle You’ll Want To Have All Weekend

5 Instagrammers Who Knows About Hairstyle


1. I love fun and funky hair cuts and bright colors. I don’t think I could ever go back to having just my natural all brown hair. What matters above all is that you feel confident and comfortable. It’s totally fine to read into the latest fashion trends and styles but don’t treat them as laws.

2. Hairstyles is texture, volume, the different type of curls & a simple clean look! I love a quick classy hair style that goes with just about anything! I usually tend to go for the hair in a bun with a middle or side part! And if I feel like letting my hair out I’ll do a wash and go! Quick, classy and ready to go with just about anything.

3. Creativity / versatility interests me in Hairstyle. I love the fact that hairstyles can be switched every time to suit my mood/ taste.Do not overlook comfort! It’s key

4. What interest me in hairstyle is being able to embrace what I was born with and the versatility behind it. A perfect hairstyle look would be one that gives you that confident, that “yass my hair looks popping!” and that would be me rocking my fro as it is. Big and frizzy. Other natural curlies have been a big influence to me when it comes to wearing my hair natural.

5. Would have to be that model i have just woken up from a deep sleep’ messy hairstyle! Honestly looks so good.

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