Mens Fashion Fall, 4 Summer Outfits

4 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. Casual wear for me means only one thing: weekend! During the week I have to make sure that I am suited up, or at least wear casual chique clothes for work. For me Casual Wear is a reflection of your personality and your mood. My friends can see if I am happy or not, simply by the outfit I am wearing. In my opnion, Casual clothes can be a very strong non-verbal communication tool. Think about it.

2. Don’t Try to look like someone else. Fashion is a way of expression and you have to find out how you want to identify in the world. Get your own style!

3. One fashion rule that I never break would have to be wearing the same outfit twice. I try to switch up pieces as much as possible instead of playing it safe and repeating an outfit i already know looks nice.

4. One fashion rule that I will never break is to always be comfortable with what you wear. Because we have pretty hectic lives with our professions and our five girls, we will always choose comfort over being overly glammed.Comfort is priority for us in fashion!!

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