Perfect Amazing Homecoming Makeup Ideas For Girls


5 Instagrammers Who Knows About Makeup


1. My perfect makeup look would definitely be glowy and dewy with fluffy brows and a nude lip. I see these kinds of looks done by Nikki Wolff and Jose Corella all the time, and I can only dream of ever being that talented. As clich as it sounds, one tip I would give when it comes to fashion or make-up advice is BE YOURSELF. I’m not someone who dresses in a particular way. I like what I like and wear what makes me feel happy. It’s cool to be different to those around you, but staying true to yourself is the key to feeling comfortable. And the same goes for makeup!

2. I love organic and natural makeup which is kind to the skin and enhances ones beauty. A perfect make up look for me is something that is Au Naturele. It should enhance my features and not change how I look like. It’s like I want people to still recognise me sans makeup.

3. Make up is my obsession started at the age of 5.I have always been mesmerized looking through magazines at the ads and I always admired the makeup on models, and youtube fueled it. As far as I can remember makeup and fashion have been my guilty pleasure.

4. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new looks. You never know what you can pull off until you try.I love experimenting with colour. A bold lip colour with a neutral eye. I also face paint professionally and enjoy learning about special effects makeup.

5. Absolutely everything!!! I am passionate about aesthetics in all its currents. 95% of success is called attitude. Love yourself, valrate, pamper yourself and take care of yourself. Remember, if you feel good, you look good.

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