Most Stylish Homecoming Hairstyles

7 Instagrammers Who knows About Hairstyle


1. I love the hairstyles used in the Game of Thrones series. I think that whatever its texture, we can redo these hairstyles for an event.Frizzy kinky and curly hair is very versatile. We can do all kinds of hairstyles. My hair is like an accessory.

2. A perfect hair look is really any hair look that goes perfectly with your outfit. With colored hair, there is a thin line between looking like a bombshell and just really ratchet. Know how to pull off the former without looking like the latter.

3. Honestly, I wouldn’t give any styling advice to my younger self. I would just lend compliments and encouragement because every young woman needs a little bit of that. Plus, I know I probably wouldn’t have taken the advice anyway.

4. Deep condition , moisturize and braid natural hair. Install hair via sew in . Edge control, hair spray and bonnet wear at night to keep. Longevity of curls .

5. I would have to say forget about following fashion trends… just set your own trend. But you gotta understand skills surely don’t come over night, no matter how hard you work for it… learning takes a lot of time. Always challenge yourself more everyday! Take the time to study yourself & learn about yourself.

6. My whole outlook on fashion is being different! Being the new WOW! Duplicating certain designs and styles will ultimately limit your potential for spontaneity. Therefore, the best way to show your talent, is being your own inspiration. And do what you love, always.

7. I love the way a hair style can completely change the way my outfit looks and even the whole way I feel about myself. When I’m rocking box braids I feel different. Nevertheless, I feel good with both, box braids and curls, and whenever I rock one, I can’t wait to go back to the other. Also, protective hair styles is something I absolutely used to love. Unfortunately, I got a bit lazy but protective hair styles are effortlessly adorable.

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