Nail Shapes 2018: 5 New Trends and Designs of Different Nail Shapes

5 Instagrammers thoughts and ideas on Naiart


1. Nail Art can convey any message; you may want people to think you’re fun, classy, or even vampy based on your nail art or the color of your polish. You can make a real statement with your nails and it can upgrade your complete look to the next level.

2. That I am able to take a section from anything and anywhere, whether it is from a painting or something from clothing or a magazine collage and put it on a nail. It gives me a wider audience knowing I can cater to everyones style.

3. Beauty in all its shapes.

4. I love minimalist nail art and I love florals. Mix them together and you get @ninanailedit! I love all of her designs and often try to recreate them!

5. When it comes to nailstyling, you got so many options! so let your creativity work by watching the new fashiontrends, new designers, new matching colors on the catwalk,… just enjoy doing your work and you dont see it as “work” anymore. I wake up every morning, thanking god, for every day i can do, what i love to do.

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