New Guide to the Spring Embroidery Fashion Trend

6 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Fashion is color blocking wardrobe/ shoes and bright vibrant colors because it explains my personality.Be You, Bold, Be Daring! I’ve always admired women who are confident in themselves, whether what shape, shade, or size. Wear anything that makes you feel alive, with your head held high, loud, and proud!

2. I never, never, never put the beauty before comfort. All the beauty looks so are beauty to me if I am comfortable. It’s the law to me, and it’s good. I have too many look which is beautiful and comfortable. That’s what I try to pass on to my readers.

3. Be yourself and start your own path instead of following what trends you see around you just because it is popular. Be inspired to feel comfortable in oneself, fashion changes so often and I love the fact that people can express themselves perfectly without saying a word through the way they present themselves.

4. I opt for more classic pieces that can be used and combined for years with all the new trends. I combine used and new, cheap and expensive on a daily basis.Don’t spend too much time thinking abut your outfits. Sometimes overthinking and putting too much thought causes a messy, cheap look that nobody wants.

5. Understand your personal style, find out what works for you and your body and love every inch of it.Less is not always more. Be extra, who says u can’t create your own rules.

6. It’s how every person can wear really different styles, but still look gorgeous and outstanding. That’s what is truly amazing about the world of fashion.Stay confident , wear what you want, and always be courageous to wear your crazy stuff that have never been featured before.

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