Perfect Makeup Ideas To Look Sexy

5 Instagrammers Who knows About Makeup


1. A smokey eyes for a particular evening, to always feel beautiful, but always to care for themselves and not for others!

2. Makeup, as a professional dancer completely transforming my face with ‘stage’ makeup interests me this most. You can almost become another person when you change your makeup, which is great for a performer.

3. Correct makeup changes person’s image and inner feelings. I would like every women to be confident about themselves. and feel beautiful inside and out.

4. Makeup that I use, but usually I look for makeup that make me look radiant, without losing my own style.

5. Everything about it. It’s not just about “looking good”, it’s about the creativity behind it. There is a lot of variety, therefore, looks are always going to be different. You can create art with makeup. The process of putting makeup is fun, but the results are the best part.

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