Smart & Comfortable Everyday Outfit Ideas You Can Steal From The Streets

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. What interest me most in fashion is that everyone has their own style to a certain look. The main styling advice I would give to myself is don’t ride the wave on what everyone else is wearing. Be yourself and wear what you think looks rad. Do not care what others think or say about what you wear.

2. That style is a language on it’s on, so try by all means to tell a story through your style.

3. The perfect fashion is a mix from hair,clothing and the face. The difference you can choose in styles. Every day is a new day.

4. What interests me is that I get to look exceptional , because I look classy and trendy at once .The perfect fashion look for me is when you dress nice , feel at peace with your inner man and always feel confident. DRAKE inspires me.

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