Spice Up Your Wardrobe: 10 Trendy Outfit Ideas

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1. Don’t be afraid to experiment. I always get people telling me “only you can wear that” or “I can never pull that off”. It’s honestly a mind set. If you want to wear something I’m sure there is a version of that clothing piece out there in the world that can suit how you look. Also searching online on how to style the piece really helps!

2. Dress For The Weather Where I come from the weather is very tricky! Always be Prepared. Everyone is crazy! Live your life to the FULLEST!

3. Like most girls, fashion has been a guilty pleasure for us since we were young. It comes to us from our mothers; who would drag us to jewellery stores and thus began our love with all things sparkly!

4. Show everyone your personality without fear of being judjed! Never hide in the crowd, it’s so nice to be unique and stand out among many. We must not be afraid to show ourselves to the whole world, through fashion we can express ourselves and indicate to others who we are. So the advice I give to all my readers is to show how much they are worth and to always be original to have an extra gear.

5. Fashion for me has always played an important role, I come from a family of musicians and artist and we all have our different styles, growing up in the 80’s and 90’s kinda set a certain standard for me. Bright colors and baggy clothes were a big thing back in the early 90’s and I definitely rocked my share of that. As I got older and became more in tune with my body I learned to mix and match a lot of different styles. I do wear a lot of street/urban wear, and every now and then I do rock some girly stuff.

6. To always reflect you own taste and style no matter of he clothes and brands you are wearing. To not hesitate to express yourself.

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