Spring Basics Addiction: 5 Trendy Outfit Ideas To Go With

5 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. It use to be donot repeat outfits but hey if I wear the outfit with a different hairstyle it is pretty much a whole new look. Or try to style the pieces differently so it doesnot look like you are repeating the same outfit over and over.

2. I never break the rule to feel comfortable in my outfits.

3. One fashion rule I try to never break is it is gotta be legs or boobs, one or the other, never both. It is purely my preference, I donot like having too much flesh on show.

4. Base on the trend to wear YOURSELF, not just follow. Take the trendy elements and add to your own style that let you stay stylish.

5. I don’t mix prints. It’s kind of awkward and I don’t want to look like a couch from the 60’s.

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