Spring Trend Report: Best Outfit Ideas

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. In the past, many fashion rules were created, but, with time, fashion world became more “free”. After all, you should be able to dress how you desire. For me, the only rule to follow is common sense.

2. Fashion interests me because it’s ever evolving. There’s always new looks to ideate and create.We draw inspiration not from any single person, but from everything around which catches the eye, be it the garden in full bloom or the dark stormy sky in hues of red and grey.

3. I really admire the fashion communication power: fashion can tell a mood, a feeling, also an historic period. Fashion can illustrate a place as well: there’s a right fashion look for each space. A right composition. Choosing a fashion look is like drawing, painting or designing an artwork. It’s like planning an architectural balance: there is a technical base that you can not forgot and a personal taste that lets express yourself.

4. Be yourself and never copy other people’s style seeing on the street.Look at people who understand fashion in a professional way instead of surrounding people.

5. Always follow your heart and do what you like and make you happy, so people will always be there to criticize. Follow your dreams, always, most important rules is harmony.

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