Stunning Best 10 Outifts For Men

5 Instagrammers thoughts and ideas on Casual wear


1. The ability for each individual to stand out and be themselves.You can never own too many pairs of socks. Well you actually can but as a minimalist that’s one thing I love to have a ton of options for and enjoy wearing.

2. Fashion is how many styles you can have. I love the endless possibilities and combinations I can make on even given day to fit any occasion, while staying true to myself.

3. Be authentic , true and honest in your style .

4. Fashion is the fact that whether you like it or not, you can generally tell a lot about someone by what they’re wearing.

5. Many people think that by combining several clothes on them they will achieve perfection, it is very beautiful to be able to combine several clothes in the same look and still be stylish but for me the perfect look is the look that perfectly matches the occasion and the season while remaining in a beautiful contrast of color. To answer the question of the person who inspires me for perfect look, I will say that in fact I do not have a particular person, I can be as much inspired by a passing on the street that by a celebrity or by my close, to be shorter I am inspired by the world around me.

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