Stunning Prom Hairstyles for 2018

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. Create your own sense of style. There is no “right way” to dress or wear your hair – be creative. I learned this while living in NYC. There are so many different styles and fashions running the streets in New York and it inspired me to “be my best self”.

2. For me a perfect hair style is the natural one. An inspiration for me is Adriana Lima, I love her hair, simple, natural and beautiful.Each one has to find what they feel comfortable with, that’s the perfect style, our own, the one which you are happy with. So, don’t try to search for approval, it would be a unique style as long as it’s your own, so fight for it.

3. I love how much personality can be portrayed through how we style our hair. I have been blessed with natural curls thanks to my Caribbean background , and I can style it curly or straight, whatever I feel that day, or let’s face it, how lazy I feel. My hair is mostly tied in a messy bun. I am a big advocate of using mostly natural hair products, no sulfates or alcohols. For curly haired girls like me, conditioning your hair constantly is extremely important.

4. There is no perfect hair style look, each of us has one perfect one. What more reflects it. If I had to choose between the people I take the most inspiration, it’s Sarah Angius. With its simplicity in hair styling it manages to always be very elegant.To always be oneself. At any time and on any occasion. To make your style a winning weapon. A way to bring out your self-esteem and above all your personality.

5. My hair has to be always styled but comfortable. such as half up half down, or messy bun but pretty at the same time,follow what you love dont let other people tell u what to do if you like your style stick to it the only person who should influence u is yourself at the end of the day you should be your own role model and be the best you that you can be.

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