Super Cute Hairstyles for Women

5 Instagrammers Who knows About Hairstyle


1. Volume, texture, shine really interests me when it comes to hairstyles. Also, giving it a natural twist is always a win. You don’t want to over do your hair,perfect hairstyle look is when people go completely natural and know how to flaunt it.

2. The perfect hairstyle for me is more of an attitude than a look. It’s that duck lip, cocked brow, hair flip, can’t tell me shit kind of tease. A bomb hairstyle is the ultimate bad bitch activator for women.

3. Enjoy every practiced and handsome.

4. I think that hair can make or break a look. You can make someone look harsh and intense or soft and romantic with just a simple hairstyle. There are so many ways hair can be done and it’s one of the many things a person can use to express their personality. The way my hair looks and is styled is very important to me when it comes to my style day to day.

5. Double braided hair split in the middle. I absolutely love it! Everywhere on instagram I see this look.Girl… go easy on that black eyeliner, especially in the waterline and those dark eyebrows are not working for you babe.

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