The 10 Best Outfits You Need This Winter


4 Instagrammers thoughts and ideas on Casual wear


1. Find what your personal fashion stamp is. Gather looks on Pinterest from your favorite influencers and then see how you’re inspired to twist it. Create your own formula. It’s easier to manage getting dressed everyday. I try mixing something more formal with something casual.

2. Fashion is one of the more fun art forms and the way you dress can tell a story just as well as a painting. I love fashion because of its constant change. It reminds you that there are so many things that can insipre you. Also it shows us that no matter how much we get set in our ways we need to move forward and change.

3. Let yourself be inspired by others, but remember never to follow blindly and stay unique.

4. Slutty attitude would give you attention, but grandma won’t be proud.A perfect doesn’t exist, but yet it should be feminine and classy.

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