The Best Girly Things: Get Inspired With Famous Fashion Brands

6 Instagrammers And Their Views About Accessories


1. Always think about accessories, they will complete your look, don’t wear it all at once what you have in your box

2. Fashion is everywhere, our town has a lot of garment industry, so for us sometimes was just like another day, you just have to give it a twist and find what makes you different. But we think that fashion expreses more than words, even if is just a plain t-shirt.

3. It is extremely important to accessorize your outfit.The right accessories can make the difference between well dressed people and those who look boring You can be wearing basic clothes but if you mix them with the right accessories you can look incredible.

4. Love what you buy, make your clothes and jewellry an extention of yourself.

5. Life is short so that everyone should enjoy fashion and hair and makeup,perfect style is to express my personality and internal aspect.

6. A woman should know when it’s time to change or modify her look.

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