The Most Tender Spring Hairstyles Ideas

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. I am very interested in natural and casual hair, but in fact is a hard work to achive this look.Let your hair be free !

2. These days can find a lot of different interesting hair styles especially when women have the long hair. However, the most interesting thing in hair styling is creativity. When I used to work as a makeup artist in photography studio I tried to help a client by styling the hair and trying to fit it together with a makeup. Makeup and hair fashion are the most interesting and creative inspirations when you can flow with individual ideas and break the limit.

3. I love a low maintenance hair style. Something that is easy to do and doesn’t take all day to do it.Something that is easy classy, sassy, and cute. I love twist outs with bantu knots on the side. Also I like to do a flat twist on one side and twist outs or curls on the other side. I have so many hair styles that I love. I have a few people that are hair inspiration to me.

4. Stay away from hair-dye! Wash your hair frequently! Scarf your hair before you sleep and most importantly, comb your hair girl. I never never use to do all of this,start using natural products like coconut oil, Shea butter and water to keep a healthy hair life. And don’t over stress your hair. Let it breath sometime. Use low heat on your hair. And avoid hairdressers that will kill your edges.

5. My interests in hair styles started as a kid I really fell in love with fashion and the different eras that influenced hair and style. I love how in the 20s women really cared about their hair and invested time to make themselves look beautiful. It was almost like a status symbol. I think that’s rad.

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    Beautiful! @Modaqueteinspira looks great

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    Michele Fazzio

    LInda como sempre @MOdaqueteinspira 😍

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    Gilliard Fonseca

    @modaQueteinspIra Beautiful!!!!!

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