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5 Instagrammers Who Knows About Hairstyle


1. Don’t be ashamed of your curves and messy hair. Embrace your individuality. And yes, you can look good on sneakers! After a long day at the beach, when the hair gets salty and naturaly curly. A perfect hairday 🙂 A real inspiration is Sarah Angius, she gets gourgeours looks with naturally curly hair, but also when she straigthen the hair in different styles.

2. What interests me when it comes to hairstyling is versatility! I naturally have kinky-coily hair and for a majority of my life, I didn’t realize what my hair was capable of. As a little girl, I remember wishing I had other girls’ hair. I didn’t know at the time what was special and unique about the crown atop my own head. Thankfully, today is a different story and has been for a while. I love how much I can switch up my look from curly, to a stretched style, to a blow out, to straight! There’s no limit when it comes to my hair and it’s really exciting being able to play around with it and try new things. I love getting to share that with the world around me!

3. Fresh cut/trim and nothing that requires me to spend no more than five minutes a day. Simplicity and ease is key for me.Whatever works with the shape of your face. For me, fall/winter/spring, a blunt lob. For summer, box braids.

4. Just depends on what type of mood I am in,if I feel like I need a little bit of color. I would add in either in my braids or in a sew-in, but it just really depends on what I saw and how can I make this into something that is different from the last person I saw with this hairstyle.

5. The creativity is infinite in hair. Every client brings me a new canvas to work on and being able to give each person a unique style is what interests me the most. Don’t give up. I wouldn’t be where I am as a hair stylist if I gave up years ago. Keep pushing forward doing whatever it is you absolutely love and you will be happy.

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