Top 5 Best Casual Outfit Ideas For Guys

5 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. Patterns and Color Schemes interest me most in fashion I would have to say.

2. I like the role creativity plays in fashion. The greater your mind is the more you can come up with. Style is everything.

3. I love the ability to completely transform how you look, all based entirely on an outfit. There are some days where I may not feel that confident, but as soon as I wear something I love, I automatically feel like royalty. There is nothing more of a confident booster than when you are wearing a new outfit and all eyes are on you.

4. The different types of fabrics, and designs of clothes that we wear. We have to realize that rhese designers that create these brands that we see in the stores, in magazines, and on tv, have creative minds.

5. Where I live none of guys arenot into fashion or look dull and not very vibrant in their fashion choices, so I wanted to break the stereotype of men not being fashionable and bring to light that men can be fashionable it is not only a womans thing.

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    Nice one LookVine. Everybody GQ Magazine ready. Loving THE article.

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