10 Awesome Outfits You Need to Copy This Weekend

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1. I am first brought into the world of Fashion watching Dolce & Gabbana’s Fashion Show. It was in 2010. And I have been loving how the designs are so daring and emblazoned with passion. I guess I am really interested in the quirky and out-of-the-box designs that the fashion designers have to offer. I also like the fact that one can create so many different looks with just one item. For example, the blazer is no longer only worn for business meetings, but for brunch dates as well. And also, one can wear a blazer with sneakers instead of heels now. So, the freedom of expression in Fashion is something that really interests me, and also makes me feel confident about myself.

2. As my blog’s tagline says…”Fashion is never a done thing.” You can always play around with trends be it new or old.

3. I like about Fashion that you can wake up and trough the way you dress you can be anyone you want to be. Go outside in your perfect dress and smile and feel good 🙂 I also like the fact that you can combine your individual outfit and be different through your style.

4. I would probably tell myself to wear whatever I want with confidence haha. I wasn’t a very confident person when I was young.

5. Focus on what you are into, dressing well and looking good in your dressing.i do have some people on Instagram who inspire me @kaylabilon @michelleio @thatcutegemini1.

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