10+ Best Hairstyles for Women

6 Instagrammers are rocking with their hairstyles


1. To achieve this hairstyle, I first start off by using TRESemme heat protectant spray all over my hair and then coaming it all out to really spread the product thoroughly throughout my head. Then I part my hair into three sections and simply straighten my hair with my favorite straightener. After I tease my roots with a comb for that extra volume and top it off with some hair oil.

2. This look fits best for a party and I like it together with a tight black dress. I use an ordinary spray bottle with just water and spray the entire hair while I comb it backward. be careful not to get too wet tho. Then I take saltwater spray from Swarzkopf and spray the entire hair. then I use Schwarzkopf “bouncy” and stroke all over her back. Finish with a lot of hairsprays and you have a sexy weet look.

3. I achieved the hairstyle with a 1.5-inch curling iron, just a cheap Conair curling iron I’ve had for a few years, the products I used were, detox dry shampoo for extra volume at the roots, hot spot by design line, and a light hold hairspray.

4. I achieved this hairstyle by a simple and protective technic called: Crotchet Braids. It is a style that is used when you desire a fresh new look without the hassle of doing your actual hair. Styles that require this technic are appropriate for all seasons summer, spring, fall and winter. As I have noticed throughout using this technic for my hair, that the growth is phenomenal.

5. I achieved the hairstyle by growing the hair to a certain level and then decided to cut the sides and leave the rest. then I had my salons set the hair, as you can see there is a little color to the hair so the hair needs very good treatment to keep the hair strong.

6. This haircut was made in a haircut salon in rabat my city it’s called Gentleman coiffure.

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