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6 Instagrammers Who Knows About Casual wear


1. I love mixing casual pieces with dressy pieces. Like a skirt and a jumper or a sequin top and jeans or a dress and sneakers. Its better to over-dress than under-dress.

2. I don’t believe in rules when it comes to fashion and makeup. Wear whatever makes you happy and what you like. However, one thing I in general always think looks bad on pretty much everybody is socks in open toe shoes. Big no-no for me.

3. Personally, I never wear more than three colors at the same time. NEVER!I love casual wearcause I like the fact that you can mix any kind of item for creates your own style!

4. I dont particularly follow fashion rules as such as I genuinely believe fashion is where people are able to be as expressive as they wish. I do however try to dress for my body shape and I believe it is important to be aware of your own body so you can do this. Casual wear is a huge part of my style and I love wearing jogging bottoms teamed with cute little tees or crops I just love how versatile it is and the huge variety there is out there to choose from.

5. Keep the outfit balanced. When wearing long sleeved tops, I always pair it with shorts and skirts that are above the knee in length, and conversely, when wearing jeans or loose bottoms, I love pairing it with crop tops, off shoulders and sleeveless tops. Another one is when showing off some skin when going for a revealing top, like deep necklines, I always pair it with pants or skirts that will cover up at least knee-level and it goes vice versa. And lastly, I love pairing prints with plain and neutral pieces.

6. I dont think that there are particular rules in the Fashion Industry. It greatly depends on ones likes and dislikes, and how they choose to portray themselves. If I feel I look good in something, Im definitely going to wear it because I like it and it makes me confident! 🙂

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