10 Classic Hairstyles For Men

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. I just make my hair long and cut each side and trim the middle part of it. Basically, I always fit all my hairstyles according to the shape of my face. The product that I mostly used first is the Gentleman Republic Refined Gel, Second is the Gatsby Hair Wax and lastly to make my hairstyle hold last long I used GO247 Real Men Hair Spray.

2. The hairstyle is of Balayage hair.

3. It is very easy to cut the hair on the sides in a degraded way, I like the gradient between the blade 1 and 2. At the top, the hair so long you desired. and only needs the help of a hairdryer and comb, let it to the desired shape and add wax to the hair to keep it.Actually, for now, I do not have a preferred product, I use any brand of hair wax.

4. I was thinking to change my hairstylist back then and discussed with my hairstylist at my favorite barbershop. I thought to try simple and easy haircut, then I tried this hairstyle and I called it a simple and easy hairstylist. You can go for casual and formal for this hairstyle. I used UBERMEN 3D MATT CLAY.

5. Initially, I grew my hair out until it was about 3 inches long. Then I got the sides cut, to leave a mohawk style. Then I went to see my hairdresser to start my loss by twisting them with a comb. My hairdresser chose something simple and not too complicated due to the length of my hair at the time. She styled the hair by having a vision of how it would look in her mind beforehand.

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