10 Elegant Outfits You Want To Copy Right Now

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Casual Wear


1. Be yourself and assume you! Don’t be afraid to be too original, to be criticized. If you like this top, this jacket, buy it and create the perfect look with! If you assume yourself, you can have your own style, you can become a fashion influencer!

2. I learn all the rules just so I can break them all.My interests in fashion are androgyny!

3. There are no rules in fashion, the sky is the limit. I love Fashion because it is an illustration of the person’s story for that day, phase, event, etc. There are no rules in Fashion and we are so lucky to be able to decide to wear whatever we want. Fashion is an extension of yourself, personality, and beliefs and having control over what you think of yourself and what others think of you with the choice of clothing is magical. Fashion is something that affects the entire world; we all wear clothing and is something that is able to unite us while still making us unique.

4. R/ A rule that would never break would be when I choose the right place for the photo shoot, I always look around and see what surrounds me, because sometimes you do not need an amazing place with an incredible background and bright or symmetrical lights or things like that, a Sometimes you need simplicity. Less is more.

5. Proportions. As a plus size girl, I have to look very carefully that this point never fails. The other rules, you can break it freely! The most important thing: that everyone can express themselves and feel secure, comfortable and confident in how they look.

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