10 Hot Hairstyles For 2018

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1. Interestingly enough, this particular hairstyle was a major rush job lol, since I had been exceptionally busy styling other clients that week. So this particular day, I did a quick brush, twisted and knotted my hair into a top bun then applied a pinup bandana tie to hold it all together. Because I am so busy, this is a go-to look for me for days I may not have time to do a full hair prep. When I become a billionaire I will do my hair every day and be luxurious with time lol, but for now, it’s all about tips-n-tricks to project the style associated with my personal brand even while I’m on the go. And I stay on the go lol.

2. I like this hairstyle because it is relatively simple and looks really great. I think it looks best when the hair has a certain degree of volume. I often make my hair wavy to add a “wild” element to it. I found that the best products to use are the ones from Bed Head by TIGI. Their shampoos and conditioners really manage to aerate and loosen the hair. I can highly recommend their line of products for this hairstyle. This hairstyle doesn’t require a specific face shape but looks best with long wavy hair. I have found that this is the best hair for fastening the fairy lights. I call this hairstyle FireFly because it can really make hair look magical.

3. This hairstyle was achieved by using a freehand highlight technique with Wella Freelights Lightener and Developer and Wella Color Touch Demi-Permanent Color. She was styled with Sebastian Twisted Products using a diffuser to keep her beautiful natural curl. Once the hair was completely dry, I curled a few pieces on top to even out her texture. Sebastian Twisted Curl Magnifier and Twisted Curl Foam

4. Added extensions and pin curled the hair then started a low updo with some curls then added the pearl bling headpiece the wrapped the side hair around the headpiece. sexy hairspray and hairpins.

5. I achieved this style first by installing the extensions to add length and volume to the clients hair. For this hairstyle, I recommend DE silk press oil, holding spray, and oil sheen.

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