10 Lovely Outfit Ideas From Fashionista You Should Already Own


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1. I find fashion fascinating because it is a way to express your personality without verbal expression. Fashion is wearable art, and you are the artist your soul chooses to express! I started sewing when I was four, and I have always had a passion for creating designs, and figuring out how to make the vision come to life. I love playing with patterns and textures!

2. What interests me in fashion is the fact that you can express yourself through your wardrobe. I grew up with my grandmother, and in school, she dressed me like I stayed with my grandmother, lol! But once I was able to finally dress, I’ve always been into making a statement with my clothes.

3. Fashion is such a huge creative space with endless possibilities. I love how fashion evolves yet still remains the same.

4. Styling advice I would give to my younger self is to be confident and don’t worry about what other people would think of your outfit.

5. Clothing has the ability to express feelings, attitudes, and who you really are inside. Fashion has the ability to express what you can’t express with words, your personal expression of YOU! The fashion game is a game worth partaking!

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