10+ sexy hairstyles for All faces

6 Instagrammers are rocking with their hairstyles


1. Doing it on my own. It’s easy, you can actually search youtube for dutch braid tutorials. Elgon hair products. Like Argan Oil or DD Hair Spray

2. This hairstyle was made really fast (5 -10 minutes). Before I start making my hairstyle, I use CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection spray, it protects my hair from damage and makes my hairs softer. Then I take my curler (tiny conus). When I finished my hairs, I fix them with hairspray – Nioxin 3d styling nanospray. It is really good!!! I use it all the time. My curls can look like this 2 days!!!

3. There is a background story to this hairstyle, I will just start from there – I love curly hair a lot and I try to do it with my short kinky hair but it doesn’t last so I decided that since I do crochet braids often and I haven’t seen the types of curls I like available anywhere, I decided to produce my own curly hair from the scratch using a straight synthetic hair; sincerely it’s a bit of work but when it comes out, its worth the stress.

4. I used to have wild long curly hair and I needed to cut them because they were really damaged by bleaching and full of split ends. I didn’t have an idea in my mind…I just wanted something different from the classic a bob and more feminine than a pixie. Since I am a kind of restless and sometimes moody kind of girl I thought my hair should represent me. Then I went for the asymmetric cut.

5. My trusted hairdresser made it! His name is Riccardo from Magic Team Padua. We love to try the new hairstyle and hair color together. I bleached my hair – my natural hair color is very dark – and then dyed it silver blonde with shadows of peachy pink.

6. The best face shape for this sleek toned shoulder length blunt cut bob would be Heart shape faces with narrow jaws as the hair fills in the excess space as well as highlighting cheekbones. The best hair type would be Straight Blonde Hair.

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