10+ Simple And Easy Ideas on Hair Style For Men

6 Instagrammers ideas on hairstyles


1. This is a natural hair since I use to maintain this in a proper way.

2. I use the dryer at maximum alternating from the hot jet to the cold. If I use only in the root, the dryer very carefully not to harm the scalp. soon afterward I come with the fork comb to give that “volume”. (Hint: Always wear the thermal protector so you do not risk hitting your hair).I like to use (thermal protector) of quality. look for the brand of your choice and see if the product has moisturizing properties (Hint: apply the thermal protector before using the dryer) and combine cream, it is always good to use with a light texture and moisturizing.

3. I achieved this hairstyle by continuously brushing my hair every day for about a month or two. I would recommend all natural hair products like olive oils, that way you are keeping your hair natural and healthy.

4. I always style with my fingers only. I start with some wax at the roots and shape it in a side direction, trying to make some layering by working with parts of the hair. After building up the volume I use hairspray to keep it in place all day. A hard wax and hairspray.

5. This haircut was made in a haircut salon in rabat my city it’s called Gentlemen coiffure.

6. I washed my hair with warm water, towel dried it and then ran about a dime-sized amount of fiber gel through my hair with my fingers until I achieved the final look.

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