12 Best Short Haircuts For Men

6 Instagrammers ideas on hairstyles


1. I Archive this hairstyle in 5 months. I was using only coconut oil and Dove Shampoo and conditioner.

2. Rinsing my hair daily and twice in a week with a good shampoo. There are many but use only good and branded products.

3. This hairstyle was made by my personal hairdresser at home, who is my cousin. Only he has the right to touch my hair. I pay for it elsewhere. He just uses a mower and a razor blade. The products I use for my hair care products of the brand “olive oil”. It’s really the basis for frizzy hair like me, whether, for shampoo, hair cream and their serum to make my hair shine is top. This is a basic that I highly recommend.

4. I start my haircuts with “guidelines”, from shave to a 2 guard, and sheer work on top of the head, end it with a razor lining to clean up the work. I would recommend a matte pomade, no hard gel at all as this hair type is already shiny.

5. I washed my hair with warm water, towel dried it and then ran about a dime-sized amount of fiber gel through my hair with my fingers until I achieved the final look.

6. I achieve this hairstyle with some products.

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