12 Different Hairstyles To Try in 2018

5 Instagrammers Who Knows About Hairstyle


1. For this particular up style, I prepped the hair with Kenra #19 and curled each section with a 1-inch barrel iron. After that, I used Big Sexy Hair Powder Play to create the texture and hold. Once the hair was prepped, curled and full of body, I started pinning curls in a less than perfect manner. Kenra #19, Big Sexy Hair Powder Play, Kenra #13, and to finish Kenra #25, lastly Brazilian Blowout shine spray.

2. I achieved this hairstyle by starting on clean and detangled natural hair. Proceeded with all the hair products that I used, and with a hairbrush bring it up into a ponytail. Next, I used one pack of hair and I used to wrap it up into the natural ponytail. I then used some hair pins to keep the ponytail together and braided the end of the ponytail. I opened it up using my fingers and used a small elastic band to keep it together at the end. For this hairstyle I recommend using a leave-in conditioner to keep the hair soft and moisturized, eco styling gel, got 2 be glue styling gel, some hairpins, sciences, and comb.

3. When I am in hurry and don’t have so much time to play with my hairs then I prefer this messy bun. in normal days also for some cool look I prefer this bun. This style is best for any face shape and every one with long hair as well as with short hair will try this hairstyle.

4. Nothing special, just my hair.Moroccan Oil products.

5. Scene Hairstyles If you love vibrant, volumized, unique looks, then you’re probably already into the scene style. Whether it’s jet black, white blonde, or a variety of crazy colors, scene hair is all about taking it to the limits instead of blending in and going with the flow.

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