12 Outfit Ideas For Spring 2018

6 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. One rule of fashion that I never break is the rule – better to be less, but better. I think that the variant with minimalism always works well, then an overabundance of clothes, colors, prints, and accessories. Most people can not correctly combine color, shapes, and prints. I advise choosing laconic colors and not trying to mix several different prints in one look.

2. Proportions. As a plus size girl, I have to look very carefully that this point never fails. The other rules, you can break it freely! The most important thing: that everyone can express themselves and feel secure, comfortable and confident in how they look.

3. R/ A rule that would never break would be when I choose the right place for the photo shoot, I always look around and see what surrounds me, because sometimes you do not need an amazing place with an incredible background and bright or symmetrical lights or things like that, a Sometimes you need simplicity. Less is more.

4. I need to feel comfortable in my outfit! I mean this mentally and physically, when I put on an outfit, be it for regular day-to-day activities or for an event, at the back of my mind I make sure I am comfortable with what I am wearing first of all. Because when you are comfortable you can be confident (overdressed or underdressed). It would help you carry yourself better. Do not try to pull off something that you are not comfortable with because it would become obvious so do not force it.

5. I love fashion because I can show who I am, I can convey my state of mind and this is how people perceive it just by taking a look at my look. Above all, shoes and bags make me crazy, although dresses are also a must in my closet.

6. Fashion is self-expression. Whether you’re ‘into’ fashion or not, it’s something we all share, just by virtue of the fact we all dress ourselves every day. I love this aspect – that it can be something so utilitarian and widespread, and at the same time, something that’s so personal and allows for endless creative potential. It’s a rabbit hole, and the deeper you go, the more you discover.

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