12 Trending Hairstyles For Women

6 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. I achieved this hairstyle with my bare hands. I recommend Cantu products for this style there curling cream leave in and twist n curl gels work best for these kinds of curls.

2. This particular hairstyle was one that required minimal effort. Because Im a single mom & business owner, time is limited. I simply blow dried freshly washed hair, with a large, ceramic & vented round brush. (I always towel dry first until Hair is slightly damp.) Then I blow dry from root to end in order to quickly achieve volume and high shine. If Im looking for an extra boost of volume, Ill finish with a teasing comb for areas Id like focused “bounce.”

3. I do have a picture of what my hair looked like after I applied it. I do 100 percent love Guy Tang hair products. You do have to be a licensed hair stylist to purchase the color but having your stylist ordering it and asking them if they can use it is easy its building that one on one relationship. I just call the look #whitehair its simple but straight to the point. It took me three times to get the look I wanted as getting my hair as light as possible. I had bright red hair and bleached it 3 times once a week for three weeks and using a toner to take away the orange brassiness I dread of. Using purple shampoo To help the process. By the time I knew it I achieved the beautiful white hair color I dreamed of.

4. Create this style, I first apply a moisturizing spray to my wet hair. Having the hair naturally smooth, I let them dry a big part naturally. Then, I finish the drying with a light blow with a flat brush in the wild board hair, to avoid the static effect. Very important, I avoid unraveling my hair when they are wet because the hair is more fragile at this time. Once the hair is dried, I apply a protective thermal car oil. So that the heat of the reader does not damage my hair. Then, I use a steam straightener to give shine, It also prevents me from having knots during the day. As for the setting I always put it to minimum heat with 2 passes. Finally, I finish my hair by applying a serum oil shine, which allows me to get an absolute shine and perfumed my hair. I do love a perfume in my hair! A little advice to keep them smooth until the next day, I use an elastic accordion only plastic, which I pull in Cadogan. The next day the hair will remain intact.

5. This is a natural look, having washed my hair the night before and using my daily restorative leave in, all I needed to do was pull my fingers through my hair a few times to give some shape and volume. No brushing even! I use Redken extreme shampoo and all soft conditioner, followed by revitalift leave in daily.

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