12 Trendy Not To Miss Outfits For Women

6 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. Be comfortable and choose comfortable clothes, never wear anything too big or too tight.Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

2. Im a business degree in Business Management and my interest in Fashion comes from many years ago. I Love to make mine on Style that came from a mix of basic and Fashion pieces.

3. I dont wear white socks. In fact, all of my everyday socks are black and are no-shows. Just be yourself? Learn what you like and what you dont like. Dont ever let anyone restrict you from expressing yourself because youre just being yourself.

4. MY ONE RULE IS: THERE are NO RULES TO FASHION. I love seeing what people from all over the world put together and rock in the streets.

5. I would never miss wearing kohl/kajal to underline my eyes! Beauty doesn’t just lie in the eye of the beholders out there. Beauty is the feeling in your mind that radiates through the eyes of the beholder.

6. Always be comfortable the world is your runway. The thing that most interest me is the continual change and repeating of trends. Fashion or rather style allows you to express your true self that sometimes words or expressions can not.

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