14 Coolest Haircuts for Men in 2018

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1. I achieved this hair with a whole lots of dedication and strong-headedness if I say, cus you know when you’re still under your parents they feel everything must be done in their own terms , so keeping this hair this much, healthy and beautiful took me more of strong headedness and money , cuz you know as an actor looks are very important , its said to be our market . Well, relatively my hair is natural. Apart from water and soap from bathing, there ain’t nothing.

2. I achieved this hairstyle by going to my hair stylist @LNPHairCare. She showed me how to treat my hair naturally. Products that I recommend using are @LNPHairCare products her shampoo and conditioner treat my hair so well. Not to mention the edge control helps to tame my hair in the heat.

3. I have silky hair. I experimented a lot with my hairstyle and finally, I find this one looks cool on me. I usually use clay. It’s like a fiber and you will get a little finish with it.

4. In the first are very important density and quality of hair and I have very strong and density hair. But I have curly hair. I must use hair iron and spray from Schwarzkopf for hair that is stolen from the iron and got2b phenomenal for a hairstyle. The Best face shape is narrow and slim. Any time before this I had very short hair and fade. But it isnt good for modeling and its better with longer hair. I dont know what is the hairstyle. I am a model but not a barber. When you have any question about my hairstyle contacts us my barber @marektykal_barber. Thank you.

5. For this hairstyle I recommend a matte paste in order to make them look as natural as possible, the best shape of the face for this hairstyle, in my opinion, is elongated so as to give a stance to ‘hairstyle and the type of hair thick and robust.

6. Look achieved: Sides and back length were established at 1/8 ? contoured to the head shape. Using blending techniques using clipper over comb. The top was cut starting with the back and crown area working forward towards the fringe. Each section redirected to the previous section to maintain length towards the front of the head. Blowed dried with American Crew medium hold spray gel. Styled with Victory Brand Pomade.

7. I had teased and arranged my hair like a wave and spritzed it by hairspray.Every better hairspray will be good.

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