14 Incredible Hair Style Ideas in 2018

7 Instagrammers Who Knows About Hairstyle


1. I just wake up And this is MY original hait then. I just wash it with al kind of shampoo haha.

2. This style was achieved through the use of perm rods. I would recommend Shea Moisture Products because those work best on my natural hair especially the leave-in conditioner.

3. Hair owns,suits for square face shape.

4. With a blow-dryer and a round brush! So as a pre-styler I would recommend salt by Pete and Pedro, its a sea salt spray you add in damp hair before blow-drying. If you cant find any sea salt spray you can always use American crew boost powder, the way this works is you must first blowdry your hair and then sprinkle a bit of the powder on your hair (will give you volume and a light hold).

5. This hairstyle i create my self at one day suddenly and I like this style and my family and friends hood. I use the wax which made Japan for this hairstyle.

6. I use a hairdryer and at the same time my hands to give the shape I want to my hair and in the end, I apply hairspray for a better result. I recommend the following product: the Syoss gold (keratin) hairspray and sometimes I use it in combination with the Taylor hair pile.

7. My hair salon stylist recommends for this hairstyle.

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