16 Best Outfit Ideas For Your Fall Inspiration

7 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. I like to dress in thematically, even in everyday situations, like if I’m going to a picnic or to the sea I’ll dress “accordingly”. I like to think that I’m in a movie or a character from a favorite book.

2. Different in every way, rather than break with the canons of beauty make a style outside the social order much attention.

3. Braids. I can spend HOURS watching braid videos. There’s just so many variations and styles you can do, especially with long hair.

4. I am a photographer that works with Models and Hair and Makeup Artists so I rely on them to guide me but if I had to pick one I would say to ensure that colors are matched and/or working together for the look I am trying to achieve.

5. I love to feel comfortable in my clothes, Anything casual its going to feel so comfortable for me, Like basic tees, leggings/joggers, sun dressings. I also love to mix and match with dressing casual pieces up or down which always makes a stylish outfit.

6. Fashion is wearable art, there are no limits, you can express your deepest emotions, thoughts, fears, statements… Just be free.

7. the thing though, I do think its okay for rules to be broken! Otherwise, we wouldnt have new trends and styles come in! Everything that style is today was once unorthodox.

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