The 16 Hottest Haircuts Right Now in 2018

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1. Sew-in weave with a closure. I recommend edge control light oil on clients edges.

2. I have told hairstylist I want to look cool & sleek, simple, easily maintain and ofcos look young! I not particular on any hair product, but I do apply some hair-oil.

3. This hairstyle is a very simple look, achieved with very simple methods. Water, Curly Cream and a little bit of hope. Being natural, you never know how your hair is truly going to take shape until it dries. My favorite products to use for this particular hairstyle are the Curly Cram from Modern Nature and a little Eco Style Gel for my edges.

4. I really like this hairstyle, but honestly my real hair a little longer than this hairstyle. My front hair is a bit shorter, especially on my cheeks. So I do trick to make this hairstyle. I put my back hair to my shirts, set the camera angle and pose. To keep my hair smooth, I keep washing my hair every 2/3days. Never forget to use conditioner and hair vitamin. Never comb hair roughly.

5. I had it bleached twice & dyed an ash blue color. I also curled it with a hot iron to give it more volume. I would say blue shampoo (Im using Joicos color endure series) to maintain the tone as well as a hair oil (from HASK) & a leave-in treatment (RPRs brighten my blonde) to nourish my hair.

6. The curling iron should be 1-1/4 inch. You can use from any good company. I use it from CONAIR which is not expensive and works fine. And hair setting spray. I use it from Ouidad.

7. First I did the puff using basic technique and rest of hair I make a ponytail with using a black rubber. Then take the center part of some hair and try to braid with some of the right part hair and some left (Khajuri braid). Take this braid till the end. And secure it with rubber or Ones done with that take one hair and pull the braid and take that on ur right side or left side and secure with the Bob pins. You can achieve this hairstyle using normal products like a tail comb, hairspray, and pins.

8. I simply condition my hair in the shower, wash out the conditioner and then run a little more through the lengths to leave in. Then I scrunch out the moisture with a t-shirt and add some we styling gel (scrunched in). I recommend Alberto Balsam conditioner and wet look styling gel (also Alberto Balsam).

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