4+ Fashionable Summer Casual Men Clothing Ideas


7 Intagrammers ideas and thoughts on casual wear


1. Possible advice that I would give myself is don’t have to wear high brand or designer’s clothes just for the sake of social status. Just tell me that you can enjoy fashion with reasonably-priced stuff.

2. What interests me in Fashion is creativity, if you don’t create new ideas you will be stuck with things that are occurring in advance.

3. My interest in fashion is watching it revolve and watching the trend from 10years ago come back. Sometimes even predicting the trend.

4. The thing that interesting me most in fashion is the creativity, the new ideas, what is new and what people are creating that is what excites me.

5. My favorite trend I found this last year is the so-called “dad hats” or baseball caps to complete your outfit.

6. Faison helps me express myself. I feel that someone makes perception about you in less than 10 seconds when they see you and 90% of it is from what you wearing. It is the most powerful non-verbal communication tool. It is very important to dress according to the situation. A sense of style has helped me to discover myself, it has given a boost to my confidence. The interesting thing about fashion is that there is a thrill of change. Constant evolving fashion changes the way you think about many aspects. It helps me to express my personality.

7. Perfect fashion look will depend based on the season, occasion. If you want cool dude looks in a marriage occasion try to put White round neck T-shirts with Black Chinos.. and with a black Loafer. But that looks will differ man to man basis.

8. What interests me in fashion is the way it evolves throughout time. Two years ago sneakers weren’t really that popular. And three years from now, a fashion trend from the 70 arrives back on the market.

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