4 Outfits For Men To Look Trendy


4 Instagrammers are rocking their casual styles


1. All the different types of fashion! That you can be someone else if you just change your cloth.

2. Artistic, Craftsmanship and Creativity – Fashion is like an extension of one’s personality, Just like painting, photography, & sculpturing it is also the form of artistic expression of an artist, the way it is crafted by craftsmen makes it unique as well as it requires eye to detail or creativity of one wearing / carrying the product, so it’s an expression of creative energy.

3. The expression that comes with how a person identifies themselves. Paying attention to how someone dresses allow an insight (albeit limited) into their life. Sometimes fashion is an escape, sometimes it is a shield, and sometimes it is just a means to feel good!

4. As there are many challenges worth taking, the creative space that really has our attention is within the athleisure market – where we are currently blending the athletics lifestyle market with sensible eating habits – i.e. Gym & Juice Athletics. We find that one can only reach their maximum potential in fitness when keeping a healthy food intake regimen so we’ve devised a team to push this medium and message forward in our product line.

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